Our Synthesys solution adds the brainpower of thousands of people to your team. It reads and understands vast volumes of data at blazing-fast speeds.



Synthesys reads through all your communications and highlights the important people, places, organizations, events and facts being discussed.

Communications between trader “Z” and trader “X” are semantically organized into entities, topics and categories – without the use of predefined keywords and lexicons. 

  • Bank Trader “Z”... are we ok with this?
  • Bank Trader “X”… you know him best.
  • Bank Trader “Z” … what concerns me is that I know he’ll never tell us when we’re at risk.


Synthesys takes those highlighted points and determines what’s important, connecting the dots together.

Communications are analyzed and resolved – connecting important internal and external relationships.

  • Bank Trader “X”… you know him best
    = external relationship
  • Bank Trader “X” … don’t want other numty’s in the market to know
    = concealment 
  • Bank Trader “X” … like we protect each other against our own branches
    = manipulation


Synthesys figures out what the final picture means to you by comparing it with the opportunities, risks and anomalies you’re looking for.

Communication between Trader “Z” and Trader “X” are reasoned. Revealing risky communications that would otherwise be concealed, Synthesys reveals communication features and key indicators.

  • Risky communications with external counterparties
  • Dealing language, relevant to currencies 
  • Abusive language used by dealing professionals
  • ALERT = Collusion